Some Landscaping For The House

I mentioned in a Tweet early this week that we were getting the house appraised today in order to refinance it. Interest rates have really dropped recently and its a really good opportunity to do so.

Well, Suzanne has been hard at work getting the house ready for the appraiser to come by. One of the things she has wanted to do for a while, but we keep finding other places to spend money, is to put a bit of landscaping in by the front door. We live in the desert, so sticking a few bushes up in the desert landscape has never appealed to me.

Some how, she was able to convince me to give her a budget to add a little curb appeal to the front entrance of the house. Now, I don’t really think it will influence the appraiser one way or the but it does give it a warm home feeling. She did a good job with it although we will probably need to redo the flagstone area as its not properly installed as I remember from my days working for a landscape company. See the new appearance in the image below.