Stanley Cup

It’s Stanley Cup time in the NHL and my Detroit Red Wings are in it! This year, they happen to be playing the favorite team of a buddy of mine (Hi Paul!), the Pittsburgh Penguins.

It should be a good series, but the Red Wings are on fire this playoff season since inserting Chris Osgood into the starting lineup. In the opening game of the Cup tonight, he managed to shut out the Penguins by a score of 4 – 0. Unfortunately, I completely blanked on the series starting today and missed the game. Some fan eh?

Actually, I do have an excuse, just not the best. I have spent the last couple of days moving all of my domains over to a new server. I am not changing hosts like I have in the past which is a pretty painful move. This time I am simply upgrading to a more powerful box with my same host. So do DNS changes or anything. No modification of files or initialization files. I just have to move over the files and then the databases.

All my sites are done except for this one. That’s on the agenda for tomorrow. Saved if for last because some other apps that are run on this domain. Should be straight forward tomorrow and unnoticeable to my readers.

Anyways, getting back to hockey, Go Wings! See ya next game. Oh, and its Wings in 6 for my prediction.