Mr Papa's World Genealogy

Detroit, Michigan



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Sutliff, Eugene Nicholas  10 Oct 1916Detroit, Michigan I400183718167
2 Standley, Carl  Detroit, Michigan I400183717867
3 Rhode, Martha  03 May 1886Detroit, Michigan I400183717961
4 Meyers, Rose  01 Jun 1885Detroit, Michigan I400183717774
5 Kott, Raymond E.  11 Mar 1908Detroit, Michigan I400183716405
6 Kott, Magdalen Christine  04 Jan 1917Detroit, Michigan I400183717776
7 Kott, Josephine  19 Mar 1881Detroit, Michigan I400183717939
8 Kott, Joseph Felix  31 Jul 1888Detroit, Michigan I400183717727
9 Kott, John  04 Jun 1944Detroit, Michigan I400183717735
10 Kott, Genevieve  28 Aug 1909Detroit, Michigan I400183717777
11 Kott, Frank  1909Detroit, Michigan I400183717962
12 Kott, Eleanor  05 Jan 1906Detroit, Michigan I400183717863
13 Kott, Corrine  17 May 1912Detroit, Michigan I400183717864
14 Kott, Clifford  5 Sep 1917Detroit, Michigan I400184004605
15 Haddad, Louis  28 May 1931Detroit, Michigan I400183999296
16 Green, John Frawley  05 May 1914Detroit, Michigan I400183717780
17 Gabriel, Louise Lydia  20 Oct 1916Detroit, Michigan I400183717738
18 Ford, Lynne C.  8 Oct 1930Detroit, Michigan I402374561532
19 Donhauser, Mary Ann  04 Mar 1915Detroit, Michigan I400183717733
20 DeWitt, Edward Alfred  30 Apr 1947Detroit, Michigan I400183718237
21 Bozynski, Mary R  03 Dec 1916Detroit, Michigan I400183717906


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Meyers, Rose  12 May 1962Detroit, Michigan I400183717774
2 Kott, Rosalie  Feb 1980Detroit, Michigan I400183717852
3 Kott, John S  20 Apr 1961Detroit, Michigan I400183717846
4 Kott, John  04 Jun 1944Detroit, Michigan I400183717735
5 Kott, Genevieve  10 Dec 1971Detroit, Michigan I400183717777
6 Kott, Franz Jacob  26 Nov 1926Detroit, Michigan I400183717720
7 Kott, Eleanor  19 Jan 1940Detroit, Michigan I400183717863
8 Breitenbeck, Matthew Joseph  19 May 1958Detroit, Michigan I400183731376
9 Bozynski, August Valentine  13 Apr 1969Detroit, Michigan I400183717858


Matches 1 to 41 of 41

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Wolf, Anthony J  Detroit, Michigan I400192510396
2 Sutliff, Daisy Marie  Detroit, Michigan I400183718169
3 Spencer, Lily Ida  Detroit, Michigan I400184085040
4 Snieczyk, Josephine H  Detroit, Michigan I400184003001
5 Seguin, Edward J  Detroit, Michigan I400183726933
6 Prieba, Constantia  Detroit, Michigan I400184580084
7 Prevost, Frances J  Detroit, Michigan I400183716593
8 Prevost, Chester Joseph  Detroit, Michigan I400183721594
9 Murphy, Kathleen M  Detroit, Michigan I400183720239
10 Mulheisen, Olive  Detroit, Michigan I400185497902
11 Morehouse, John Thomson  Detroit, Michigan I400183716563
12 Makurat, Rose  Detroit, Michigan I400185115020
13 Kott, Sr., John  Detroit, Michigan I400184580090
14 Kott, Raymond E.  Detroit, Michigan I400183716405
15 Kott, Norman August  Detroit, Michigan I400184004598
16 Kott, Josephine Olive  Detroit, Michigan I400183717763
17 Kott, John Jay  Detroit, Michigan I400183716647
18 Kott, Franz Jacob  Detroit, Michigan I400183717720
19 Kott, Charles John  Detroit, Michigan I400184580888
20 Kott, Arnold Augustas  Detroit, Michigan I400183717762
21 Korth, Robert F  Detroit, Michigan I400184775835
22 Korth, Kathleen E  Detroit, Michigan I400183725458
23 Korth, Clarence J  Detroit, Michigan I400184778895
24 Klasen, Mary Catherine  Detroit, Michigan I400183716959
25 Klasen, Gertrude  Detroit, Michigan I400184094574
26 Klasen, Frederick William  Detroit, Michigan I400183716373
27 Klasen, Elizabeth M  Detroit, Michigan I400183718193
28 Kehoe, James Frederick  Detroit, Michigan I400183716561
29 Kehoe, Dorothy Rita  Detroit, Michigan I400183716374
30 Kehoe, Betty K  Detroit, Michigan I400183716562
31 Junga, George Benjamine  Detroit, Michigan I400184086455
32 Jax, Mary  Detroit, Michigan I400184091600
33 Gabriel, Louise Lydia  Detroit, Michigan I400183717738
34 Fuller, Mary G  Detroit, Michigan I400184004596
35 Carter, Ralph Robert  Detroit, Michigan I400183733451
36 Butler, Cecil A  Detroit, Michigan I400184115481
37 Burkett, Mary Josephine  Detroit, Michigan I400183723689
38 Beutler, Virginia May  Detroit, Michigan I400184786447
39 Berzowsky, John  Detroit, Michigan I400184581466
40 Basaj, Lillian Janina  Detroit, Michigan I400183716602
41 Basaj, Henry Andrew  Detroit, Michigan I400184001358


Matches 1 to 5 of 5

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Sutton / Kott  11 Feb 1950Detroit, Michigan F355
2 Kott / Szydloski  1929Detroit, Michigan F739
3 Kott / Meyers  06 Jun 1905Detroit, Michigan F318
4 Kott / Donhauser  12 Oct 1940Detroit, Michigan F359
5 Green / Kott  29 Nov 1939Detroit, Michigan F296