Bachelor Time – Sort Of…

It’s that time of the year again – Bachelorhood! The time when Suzanne and the kids make the Summer trek back to Dallas to visit with her family. Well, sort of anyways. Yes, she left this morning for her trek, but unfortunately, I am so buried in work, I am not sure how much of my time alone I will get to enjoy.

I was assigned a major project a couple of weeks ago and need to bring it in by the end of August. This means many long nights and weekend. Already, I can’t remember the last day I had off from work or when I last got home before 8:00 at night. Luckily, these times don’t happen too often.

The other day, Suzanne commented that at least it was good timing and that my heavy workload was happening while she and the kids would be away. Without thinking, I promptly replied that it was horrible timing. I was going to miss my alone time because of work. 🙄 That didn’t sit too well with her.

Now, I wouldn’t want it often or all the time, but a week or two a year with no one to answer to but myself? That’s pretty nice! Alas, it will be mostly spent at work this year.

In fact, next weekend, I am supposed to join her and the kids for a week on the beach in Alabama. Right now, I am not sure I can get away from work to get down them and meet them. I have a major review with the VPs the following Monday. Its a family reunion for her family with something like 40 relatives coming together in a huge 12 or 14 bedroom house. It should be fun if I can figure out a way to get away from work. I have a frequent flier ticket from Delta so I am going to research options for perhaps changing my ticket and returning on Tuesday or Wednesday if possible so I can at least get there for a bit. Whether I can do the whole week, part of the week or none of it will be determined by how much the my team and I can get done this weekend and early next week.

Anyways, back to my bachelor time! At least until I head off to work tomorrow…