College Just Around The Corner

Well, time flies. The college adventure for Sean is just around the corner. Is he ready? Who knows! But his school stats seem to indicate he is. 3rd in his class and a nice 34 on the ACT.

But what about football? He would really like to play in college. Sean has had 7 or 8 coaches contact him about potentially playing ball in college. They are mostly Division III schools (a couple D2 schools in there) with no scholarships to offer. They like that he plays ball (good at that) and has the academic prowess to attract the top schools.1671618

Guess he has his senior year in HS to get more serious about playing ball in college. He has put in lots of effort this off season to get ready. We have set him up with a couple of personal trainers to get him ready. It doesn’t help that his QB and friend was killed in a car accident, or that the HS football coach has departed. But, the senior year looks promising.

So thought it was time to look back at the highlights from 2012…

and his online football profile:

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