Christmas 2012

Well Christmas 2012 was a great time family and fun. Savannah is now head chef around here with Steve demoted to carving station attendant. But that combination plus our foolproof rib roast recipe did not disappoint us on Christmas eve. Savannah cooked up a fantastic meal of Red Wine Risotto with peas, homemade brioche, and standing rib roast.

After a nice dinner it was off to Patagonia for Christmas Eve Mass, and then home for desserts and family presents. Savannah got lots of clothes and Sean got some much wanted movies and sports equipment. teve and Suzanne got a few things that have been on their lists for awhile, some board games, Lions and Empire sweatshirts and hats for Steve and a plush bathrobe, lime green espadrilles, cruise jewelry and gym shoes for Suzanne.

We woke up Christmas morning (when do the kids stop wanting to get up on Christmas morning at 5:30 AM???) to find that Santa had brought more surprises for the kids including more video games, board games and a few cute clothing articles. Santa did have one gift fail, the R2D2 Hoodie was just a little over the top nerdy for Miss Savannah and thank goodness was easily exchanged online at Amazon for some less nerdy Star Wars themed items like a Han Solo Carbonite Ice Molds and a Hello Kitty Storm Trooper tee.

We’ve posted some of the cute pictures in our gallery.

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