Celebrity Mercury Upgrade

In June, we will be cruising to Alaska on board the Celebrity Mercury. It’s been 14 years since we have cruise to Alaska, so it will be nice to go back. When we last cruised to Alaska, I don’t think we ever had more than our ship in port. A cruise to Alaska was not nearly as popular back then as it is now. We are expecting much more jam packed ports than our previous cruise. Several of my family will also be on the cruise, so it’s a mini-reunion of sorts.

When we cruised on Mercury to Mexico last Thanksgiving, word of a Mercury refurbishment was just making the rounds. At that time, it was unclear whether only public areas would be getting an upgrade. During the recent refurbishment of the Celebrity Century, they also replaced all the family ocean view staterooms on the back of the boat with extra large verandas. The rooms remained the same large 210 sq foot cabins, but over sized decks replaced the ocean view windows. The Cruise Director on Mercury during the Mexico cruise did not think the cabins would be getting an upgrade during this refurbishment. We were hoping so since we had one of those cabins booked for Alaska.

Recently, Celebrity confirmed that the cabins were indeed going to be upgraded. Last week they released a press release with more details about the Mercury Refurbishment that would be occurring in the next couple of weeks. Read the Celebrity Mercury Refurbishment Press Release that we posted over at Cruise Talk Central.