Cinco de Mayo Festival

As detailed in yesterday’s family update, we spent all day yesterday in Sierra Vista.

Sean’s baseball team was victorious by a score of 15 – 0. The game was pretty much miserable as there was a sustained 30 mph wind blowing. At times it gusted significantly harder. I got called on to umpire the game. The game was called after three innings since it was tough conditions and the game was never in doubt.

The Cinco de Mayo festival in Sierra Vista was kind of a family event. Suzanne and the kids were dancing with their dance company at the festival. I must say I had more fun at this dance festival than at most of them. The couple of beers that I had must have contributed to that. We had some good chuck wagon barbecue for dinner. I also took some pictures of the event and have uploaded the images. Check them out!

After our return home from Sierra Vista, we watched the cinematic extravaganza Commando with Arnold Schwarzenegger. This is one cheesy film, but I still have a good time watching it – mostly just laughing at it.