Hot Hot Hot

The thermometer has soared around here lately. We have quite a streak going of 100+ degree temperatures. A couple of days, we even got to 110 degrees. Luckily, its a dry heat.

I say that partly in jest, but it does make a world of difference. I will take 110 degrees with about 0% humidity over 90 degrees and 70% humidity any day. I have lived in Michigan, which had a fair amount of humidity, and Dallas, TX which has unbearable humidity in the Summer. You do get used to it, but once you get away from it, you realize how bad you had it.

We are quickly approaching our monsoon season which brings with it humidity and afternoon rains. Luckily, it also brings the temperature down. Folks in Tucson have been running their air conditioning since April. We just turned ours on last weekend. Even with 90+ degrees we have had a nice breeze which kept the house relatively cool.

Today was the memorial service for the son of the President of Sean’s baseball league. It was attended by many people. It was held early in the morning at 9:00. Still, two people passed out from the heat.

I have shifted from evening workouts to morning workout because of the heat. Its just hot in the garage to workout when I get home from work. If I wait for it to cool down a bit, I just never seem to make it out there. The morning workout is much nicer except for trying to wake up at 5 AM or so for it. The weekends are a bit better since I can sleep in a bit.

The weather guys say there won’t be relief from the heat until monsoon does get here. That should be in the next couple weeks. Every time I think its hot here though, I just think about Phoenix which is usually another 5 to 10 degrees hotter than Tucson. Luckily, we are 10 degrees cooler than Tucson.