NutriSystem Diet Week 3 Update

It’s been three weeks now on the NutriSystem diet and things continue to go well. I lost another 2 lbs this week. That makes a total of 15 lbs for the first three weeks. I must say, its better than I had hoped for.

So the diet is coming along pretty much the best I could have hoped for. I expected a big loss (8 lbs) the first week and then a smaller, but still significant loss (5 lbs) the second week. After that, hopefully, I would settle in to a 2 – 3 lb per week loss until I hit my goal. I seem to be falling in line with that with the 2 lbs last week. Hopefully, the trend continues.

I am now confident in my ability to execute this diet. I am still quite interested in the food and am still feeling quite satisfied during the day from the quantity of food. The variety is more than enough to keep it from getting stale. Actually, the variety is probably larger than if I was cooking everything myself.

The best part is that I have had an occasional “cheat” and it hasnt affected my results. My cheats have been sensible selections, just larger portions. They are usually related to eating out as opposed to the prepared meals. I ate out once for Sean’s birthday and then on Friday at work, we had lunch brought in to work. Again, I ate a low fat and relatively low glycemic index, but probably more food than if I ate the NutriSystem stuff. Why? No clue, but the message is clear. Dont eat out. I am not a big “eat out” guy anyway, so hopefully those impacts should be minimized.

Another thing I have done as part of the diet, at least for the start, is to cut out alcohol. Its been over three weeks since my last alcoholic drink. That will most likely end tonight as its our annual Quail Wine Tasting event in Tucson tonight. Quail is a local distributor that we deal with for our wine purchases. Tonight is the night were they preview their new selections for the upcoming year. They bring in the wine makers from the vineyards for tasting to introduce the wines. The event is not open to the public. I could just taste and spit all the wines, but to be honest, the probability of that is pretty slim. So, I will probably have 3 or 4 glasses of wine after all is said and done. I guess I will have to make that my dessert for the night 🙂

I will have another NutriSystem diet update next Monday…