Unwanted Guests

[image title=”Bees In Arch” size=”thumbnail” id=”2023″ align=”none” alt=”Bees In Arch” linkto=”viewer” ]

We awoke on Sunday morning to some unwanted guests at our front door. No, they weren’t more illegal aliens, but instead were a swarm of Africanized Bees. Seems that overnight a swarm of the hostile bees had decided to stake out a claim underneath the arch of our front porch.

They sure were buzzing about and making a good racket. Being that we had to get to church, we got into our cars in the garage before opening the garage door and backing out. They seemed to more interested in the porch than the car or the garage.

[image title=”Bee Swarm” size=”thumbnail” id=”2024″ align=”none” alt=”Bee Swarm” linkto=”viewer” ]

After returning from church, we called our bug man Festus to see if he did bees. I seemed to remember that he did from his monthly bill we received. He said he sure did and would be at our house soon. Being Sunday morning, I wasn’t really expecting him “soon”. But about 20 minutes later, Festus showed up.

[image title=”Festus Gets the Bees” size=”thumbnail” id=”2022″ align=”none” alt=”Festus Gets the Bees” linkto=”viewer” ]

He calmly got out of his truck, put on his bee suit, got his spraying equipment and proceeded to spray the bees. Most of the bees fell to the porch dead or soon to be dead. A few managed to fly away, but most died. Throughout the day, some of the bees that had been out foraging returned, so it still really wasn’t safe to go outside.

[image title=”Dead Bees” size=”thumbnail” id=”2025″ align=”none” alt=”Dead Bees” linkto=”viewer” ]

To my surprise, Festus arrived back at the house around 5:30 pm. He said he wanted to come back and spray again since the bees that had been away before would be returning. He sprayed once again and the few stragglers were also dead. All of this for a $75 fee! Great deal in my mind!

I suspect we will see a few more bees over the next few days, but hopefully, they will get the message and know that we have no vacancy for them here.