Weekly Lifestream 2012-03-11

  • oh yeah, bad night for most of ya. daylight savings time. had forgotten about that since we dont switch here in AZ. kind of like it that way #
  • is it the 16th yet? need to see if this ipad3 thingy is all its cracked up to be… boys and their toys.. #
  • @Lufferov my thoughts too, but shall see 😉 in reply to Lufferov #
  • @Lufferov oh my desktop (and phone to lesser degree) does that now! I think a wireless keyboard may join it, but go without first. in reply to Lufferov #
  • oh oh. just ordered an ipad 3. my first foray into apple products. about time I got a new toy! 😉 #
  • hmm… suzanne taking 2 computers apart and building one. this could be interesing! 😉 #