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Weekly Lifestream 2010-07-25

Those six snakes this summer it double the number in the first 8 years of living here! That's not my kind of trend! # Son of a Bit**… another snake on the back porch! That makes six I have had to take care of this year. This one might have been a Mojave. # lol. […]

Weekly Lifestream 2010-07-18

Figures. Just as I tweet about power out for 7 hours, it comes back on. Dang, should have tweeted earlier ๐Ÿ™‚ # Dang. Monsoon storm has knocked power out for seven plus hours. Kids struggling what to do without electricity. # Monsoon has finally arrived! # sheesh. another rattlesnake on back porch tonite. he […]

Weekly Lifestream 2010-07-11

Another rattlesnake in the garage (a Mojave) bit the dust tonight. That's 3 for the summer already – abnormally high (none last couple yrs) #

Weekly Lifestream 2010-07-04

argh. off to work again. these 12 hour days every day have gotten VERY old. Probably have to work tomorrow too. Come on Aug! # hmmm… baby backs prepped with dry rub for 4 hrs, cooked for 2 hs with mopping sauce and finished for another 30 mins with Stubbs BBQ sauce #