Archives for February 2011

Weekly Lifestream 2011-02-27

still saying 3-6 inches of snow here tonight. believe it when I see it… # okay, seems fixed. another FB fail fixed. so I really havent been quit for last 3 weeks. FB just didnt want to show my updates. # argh! still not working. FB fail again. removed and readded, so lets hope. # […]

Weekly Lifestream 2011-02-20

oh, gag me… girls watching the Grammys red carpte… lol, couldnt pay me enough to watch that… # strange day here. power out for three hours. and then neighbors property was on fire (wild grass). quickly put out by fire dept # woo hoo. power back after three hours. gonna delay my brisket and chicken […]

Weekly Lifestream 2011-02-13

ohhh nooooooooooooooo. Glee time… ahhhh.. someone help me – my wife is crazy ๐Ÿ˜‰ # Sad time now. Football season over. Can't wait until next season. Lets hope there is a next season! #nfl # good game. Nice effort both teams! Love it when the game keeps your interest and you dont care who wins […]

Weekly Lifestream 2011-02-06

9 degs outside this morning. Long time since I have seen those. Record lows for Tucson area. I must have a winter coat around here somewhere # hmmm… going to 17 degs next couple nights. was just 70 this weekend. gotta love the desert! # what? there is a football game on tonight? oh, didn't […]