Enjoying Vacation

Ah what a feeling it was this morning to not head off to work and to get to sit in front of my computer all day and play around.  Wait!  Sit at my computer?  Thats what I do at work all day…  Oh well…

Actually, it is quite different.  This is fun.  I have a whole list of things that have been stacking up on my websites that I have been wanting to attend to and just havent found the time.  Thats my plan for this vacation from work until Jan 2.  Excluding the trip to the cabins in the mountains of New Mexico, of course.

I am still hoping to launch my new local community site around the first of the year, but am kind of beholding here to Suzanne.  I need some artwork, photos and data that she is supposed to be working on.  Thats more up her alley than mine.  She is wanting to work on a review of the recent cruise for Cruise Talk.  She also is the one who did the photos of the cruise here on Mr Papa’s World.

I have also come across of wealth of new family history information so I hope to make good progress in the genealogy department too.  Right now, I am spending a fair amount of time updating the source information in the records for a lot of the data that I have.  So, it wont be immediately visible but will provide a trail as to where the data came from.

Suzanne and the kids have a busy dance week ahead with the Xmas recital next weekend and thus I should have ample night time to work my computer magic also.  Only drawback to my vacation this year is that the kids arent off from school very much. Usually we coincide better and play a bunch of boardgames.  I guess we will save that for New Mexico.