Its Lottery Time

It is Lottery time at the Klasen household. No, its not the Power Ball or the Mega Millions, but rather the high school admissions lottery. There are two high schools in the neighboring district. One that is a 5A school and another that is a 3A. The 3A school was designed to be an alternative to the larger 5A, so they limit enrollment to 225 freshmen each year. This year they received 268 registration packets, so they will have to do a lottery to determine the incoming freshmen. The way the lottery works is that they automatically admit any students who have an older sibling currently enrolled, and then the rest of the name get put in a hat. They remove names one at a time and put them on a waiting list until they are down to a combined number of siblings admissions and names in the hat that equal a total of 225. Sean really wants to go to the smaller school, thinking he’ll have more opportunities to play sports and be involved in many activities. He also feels like the transition from the small elementary school to a medium high school will be easier. The drawing is Wednesday night, and we should receive a call on Thursday to let us know his status.

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