Another Monsoon Approaching

Love watching the monsoons roll in over the mountains and across the grasslands towards us. Here, the Huachucha Mountains are mostly obscured. Actually, this one produced very little rain for us though we could see it all around us.

Cienega Fire Sweeps Through Star View

The Cienega fire swept through Star View estates in Sonoita, prompting evacuations with no time to collect belongings. Luckily the most of the occupied lots in the neighborhood had been mowed at the end of rainy season last year, so the firefighters were able to protect all the houses. This was a very scary close […]


After a long year of preparation, Sean and Savannah received their confirmation in services at Our Lady of the Valley. The bishop gave a nice talk to all the young people who were present at the service. Brett served as Sean’s sponsor, and Anne served as the proxy sponsor for Savannah whose sponsor, a local […]

Its Lottery Time

It is Lottery time at the Klasen household. No, its not the Power Ball or the Mega Millions, but rather the high school admissions lottery. There are two high schools in the neighboring district. One that is a 5A school and another that is a 3A. The 3A school was designed to be an alternative […]

Broadway & Beyond Fundraiser a Success

Steve, Sean, Savannah, Pianist Rick Stahl, church volunteers, and The Alma Dolores Dancers did a great job this weekend to help me put on a variety show that was a huge success in helping us raise money for our parish building fund. Overall the show went pretty smoothly with Steve running the sound system, parish […]

Slight Hiccup in Our Rome Apartment Reservations

Well this week we got an e-mail from our apartment rental agency in Rome informing us that our reserved apartment had sustained internal damage (fire? water? they didn’t say) and was not currently available for occupancy. They offered us an alternative apartment that usually rents for 40 euros more a night at the same rate. […]