NutriSystem Diet Week 2 Update

Week 2 is in the books for the NutriSystem Diet that I have begun. This week was just a bit harder since we had a family outing at Benihana’s Teppinyaki Restaurant to celebrate Sean’s birthday. I believe that I made very good choices for dinner but I am also sure that I ate more than would be allowed on the diet plan. I had chicken and vegetables with a salad and some stir fried rice. Both of the chicken and rice were in larger quantities than allowed and had some amount of oil in them as they were sauted on the big show grill.

I still have to frown at my Mother for my childhood eating habits. It is almost impossible for me not to clean my plate. I still hear rather loud memories of “Clean your plate! There are starving kids in China!”. As if me eating or not eating everything on my plate would have any effect on that situation. One would think, as an adult, I could get past that, but for some odd reason its still ingrained in my mind and is a very strong habit now.

Anyways, ignoring the slight quantity cheat at Benihana’s, I did quite well this second week of the diet. I dropped another 5 pounds. This is a total weight loss of 13 pounds in two weeks. That actually exceeeds my expectations. I still find this to be a quite agreeable diet plan. I dont find myself hungry except when it is meal time which is okay. I dont have any urge to snack and really am not craving any specific food. I think this is due to the long time low carb dieting I was doing where I basically didnt eat a lot of food types. Now, they are “allowed” again, so the new variety is very pleasing. Hopefully, I can still say that a few more weeks into it.

Suzanne is struggling a bit more on the NutriSystem diet than I am. She feels hungry more than I do. She is also eating more than I am as she builds herself some pretty big salads. Of course, for the most part, since I have known her, she has always eaten more than I do. She had a few cheats this week besides the Benihana’s dinner. Still, she hed level and didnt gain or lose any weight. She is trying to drop less weight (10 – 15 lbs) than I before the Celebrity Mercury cruise to Mexico in November.

Back next week with another NutriSystem diet update 😉