NutriSystem Update – Loss Continues

If it’s Monday, it must be time for another update on my efforts to lose some weight with the NutriSystem dieting program.

I am happy to announce that another 2 pounds were lost last week. That brings my total loss for the program up to 18 pounds. Thus far, the NutriSystem diet continues to work for me. Only time will tell how it does in the long run.

Also, last week, I began a new workout program. This may have had as much to do with the continued loss as NutriSystem, but quite frankly, I dont care what is responsible as long as the weight loss continues. I had hoped to work out 5 times last week, but only made 4 due to ending up not getting home from work twice last week until 7:00 pm. Oh well, good start and I dont plan to make life revolve around working out, so when issues like that arise, I will just try to adjust accordingly.

I recently posted about the next shipment of NutriSystem food arriving, but I forgot to discuss one issue that has now ocurred with every shipment from them. When the order arrived, there was a note inside that said some items we had ordered were out of stock, so they had replaced those with other items. Now, I understand stuff can be out of stock, but every time? And, you would think they would replace them with similar items, but some were completely different. But, what got me most, was that in the note, they made a big deal about telling us that they had replaced the items with different things “at no additional cost”. Huh? All the food from NutriSystem costs the same, so why the big deal? Sometimes, companies may substitute a different item, but they usually improve the item or give you a cost reduction. Why make a big deal about the “no additional cost” changes? it just seemed odd to me. I would also think they could look at my order, and previous orders, and do a better job of substitution instead of picking something I had never ordered. There must have been a reason why I didnt order it in the first place. 🙄

All in all, the program continues for me with continued success. Check back next Monday for my next NutriSystem udpate.