Photos From Grandma’s 90th Birthday Uploaded

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This weekend, we uploaded some photos from my Grandmother’s 90th Birthday festivities from a couple of weeks ago. These are a sampling of the many images that we took from this memorable weekend. We still need to get some captions on the images, maybe even today. You will also notice a new gallery format here at Mr Papa’s World.

This week, we hope to complete the preparation on all the full resolution photos from the parties and get them onto CDs to send to folks. A couple of family members from the party have requested these photos. If you would like a copy of the CD, please let us know. We hope to get some out in the mail by next weekend.

In addition, Suzanne will soon start work on a video from the celebration. When she is done, we will get a few snippets up here on the web and have DVDs available for folks who want one too.

You can find the photos in the Grandma’s 90th Birthday Parties Photo Gallery.