Technorati Rankings

Mr Papa’s World and most of my other sites are all claimed as blogs over at Technorati.  For grins, I thought I would pass along my current ranking there as blogs go.

Currently, Mr Papa’s World has a blog ranking of about 174,000.  I dont fully understand how they calculate that ranking, but it’s based somewhat on other sites that link back here to my site and folks that come to Mr Papa’s World from Technorati.  When I first launched Mr Papa’s World, it ranked about 1.5 million.

Our best site is Cruise Talk Central, which ranks in at about 40,000.  Actually, thats currently down from its best ranking of about 34,000.  I guess there is a lot of other folks like us that like to cruise.

A couple of my other sites, Sonoita Singer and Sonoita Web, currently rank about 1.6 million, so not a whole lot of traffic and interest in those guys right now.

Also, I recently posted about spam attacks on this site.  Today, was a larger than normal day. Bad Behavior seemed to take the day off and caught next to no one.  But then there was Akismet to the rescue as it caught about 2500 attempted spam comments today.  Luckily, not a single one ended up making it to visibility on the website.  Spammers be gone!