My New Audi A6

I recently decided it was time for a new car. I have been driving my current vehicle, a Mercedes E350 for 5 years now. I have put 120,000 miles on the car and it has been an absolutely wonderful car. Suzanne’s car is getting long in the tooth too and I really don’t want to […]

Technology is Great – Until it Fails

As a true techno nerd, I love technology and the way it simplifies and enhances life. However, when it fails, it can be trouble. This morning, as I prepared to head off to work (last day before almost a 3 week vacation!), the tension cable and spring on our garaged door opener failed. Oh what […]

Feeling Like An Idiot

As a pretty technical savvy guy, I am feeling like quite an idiot tonight. For the last year or two since we replaced our last HDTV with our current model, we have struggled with an issue on the TV that I have been unable to resolve. But, that’s not where the problem really lies. This […]

PowerPoint Info Overload

Yesterday was the deadline for the kids to complete their summer reports on Barcelona, Malaga, Madeira, the Canary Islands, St. Maarten and San Juan. Those are all the destinations we’ll be visiting on our upcoming Trans-Atlantic Cruise. Since the kids will be missing two weeks of school for the trip, I required them to complete […]

When We Left The Earth

For those of you that haven’t been watching the recent Discovery series “When We Left The Earth”, you don’t know what you have been missing. The series has been quite excellent and the high definition images quite stunning. The series is a cooperative effort between the Discovery Channel and NASA. It chronicles the history of […]

Coming Soon – New Gallery Look

Well not all that soon to be quite honest. Its going to take a lot of work to convert over all my albums and photos to a new appearance, but work will start soon. If you have been wondering about the lack of activity here at Mr Papa’s World its because of all the work […]

Cruise Talk Central Getting Noticed Again

I know I have said this before, but our Cruise Talk Central site continues to grow in popularity. You have probably heard in the new recently about the lady that went overboard on the NCL Dream Ship. Well, yesterday Suzanne wrote a blog article about the incident. It has been a popular post in terms […]

Sleep Number Beds

A while back I mentioned that we were going to be purchasing a new Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed. Our previous mattress had served us well, but was 14 years old. Suzanne and I believed that we also preferred different style mattresses. The Sleep Number Bed seemed like a perfect fit. About four weeks ago, […]

Rosetta Stone

Now that the next cruise is booked, its time to start getting ready for it. The trip originates in Barcelona, Spain and ends in San Juan, Puerto Rico – both are Spanish speaking areas. This past Christmas, as a gift, I got Rosetta Stone German. I occasionally go to Germany on business and have worked […]

Move To New Server Complete

Whew, I think the move to the new server is finally complete! I had some issues moving this time. My sites continue to gobble up bandwidth and I just keep running into issues with shared hosting, so I made the plunge on over to a Virtual Private Server (VPS). It took a bit more work […]