TV Shows

Is it just me? Or is there really not much worth watching on television these days? I suspect it’s really a combination of both. I must be getting old since most of todays TV shows just dont appeal to me.

Years ago, I used to watch a bunch of TV and there were quite a few shows that I used to religiously watch every week. Today, that number is two shows and I wouldnt be too broken up if I missed them. Those two shows are the NCIS and The Unit (though the recent paranormal episode stunk). Tuesday night is my only TV night as Sean and I watch those two shows. He really likes them. I enjoy them, but I think I probably prefer being with him and enjoying the time together rather than being enamored by the shows.

Suzanne and the kids watch a lot ot television. However, most of them are reality shows which I just cannot get into. There isnt really a reality show that I would say I have to watch. When Survivor is showing, I usually watch it with the family so we are all together for something. I find it to be the least objectionable reality show. I think Suzanne and Savannah watch almost every reality show there is. Suzanne and Sean also spend a fair amount of time watching documentary style shows on the History Channel and other similar channels. They enjoy learning about a wide range of topics. I never enjoyed TV for learning and would rather be entertained.

I still enjoy watching movies at home, but with Suzanne and the kids hectic dance/sports schedule there isnt much time during the week for that either. I might watch a bit of sports on the weekend too, but I just spend very little time these days in front of the TV screen. Sometimes I can sitdown and watch a show the rest of the family is watching and actually enjoy it, but I dont get the urge to come back next week and watch it again.

My true preference is a different screen – that of a computer. I guess I am just more at home working on the computer (websites, apps and such) than I am watching TV. It’s strange, but watching TV, I get tired fast and my mind whirls thinking I am wasting away. On the computer, I could stay up all night working and be energized. Too bad I am still wasting away and not getting some exercise. I do, however, think it keeps my mind active and learning all the time.