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Is it just me? Or is there really not much worth watching on television these days? I suspect it’s really a combination of both. I must be getting old since most of todays TV shows just dont appeal to me.

Years ago, I used to watch a bunch of TV and there were quite a few shows that I used to religiously watch every week. Today, that number is two shows and I wouldnt be too broken up if I missed them. Those two shows are the NCIS and The Unit (though the recent paranormal episode stunk). Tuesday night is my only TV night as Sean and I watch those two shows. He really likes them. I enjoy them, but I think I probably prefer being with him and enjoying the time together rather than being enamored by the shows.

Suzanne and the kids watch a lot ot television. However, most of them are reality shows which I just cannot get into. There isnt really a reality show that I would say I have to watch. When Survivor is showing, I usually watch it with the family so we are all together for something. I find it to be the least objectionable reality show. I think Suzanne and Savannah watch almost every reality show there is. Suzanne and Sean also spend a fair amount of time watching documentary style shows on the History Channel and other similar channels. They enjoy learning about a wide range of topics. I never enjoyed TV for learning and would rather be entertained.

I still enjoy watching movies at home, but with Suzanne and the kids hectic dance/sports schedule there isnt much time during the week for that either. I might watch a bit of sports on the weekend too, but I just spend very little time these days in front of the TV screen. Sometimes I can sitdown and watch a show the rest of the family is watching and actually enjoy it, but I dont get the urge to come back next week and watch it again.

My true preference is a different screen – that of a computer. I guess I am just more at home working on the computer (websites, apps and such) than I am watching TV. It’s strange, but watching TV, I get tired fast and my mind whirls thinking I am wasting away. On the computer, I could stay up all night working and be energized. Too bad I am still wasting away and not getting some exercise. I do, however, think it keeps my mind active and learning all the time.


  1. Brett Pechuls says

    You are getting old. I quit watching whay they serve out as entertainment a couple of years ago. If it’s not sports or a good movie my set stays turned off. I wonder about the IQ of the average American. The sitcoms they do now leave me cold. Archie Bunker, I miss you!

  2. ๐Ÿ˜† Brett… I know you still like the weather channel!

  3. I agree Papa. It seems I’ve been watching more DVD’s than normal television. In fact, if there is a show we like to watch, we usually wait until the DVD for it comes out so we can watch it all at once.

    I’ve already mentioned to you that we’re currently watching the new Battlestar Galactica on DVD right now.

    As far as reality TV goes, I think most of them are junk. I sometimes like to watch Beauty and the Geek but that’s as far as I go. Seen a few episodes of Survivor and just couldn’t get into it.

  4. Beauty and the Geek?? Never heard of it… ssshhhhh, don’t tell my wife ๐Ÿ˜‰

    That new Battlestar Galactica is one I couldnt get into. I was a big fan of the original series and well, quite frankly, I just can’t see Starbucks as a woman. Some of my folks that work for me, think that is one of the best parts.

  5. I am late to this discussion…..but I find Hockey a good 2.5 hours of entertainment! Other than that, we watch Desparate Housewives (not as good as season 1) and American Idol (yes, I have to admit that I enjoy this show once the competition really starts with the final 12). That is about it!

  6. Oh no… not American Idol ๐Ÿ˜› Suzanne and Savannah absolutely love that show… Sean watches it during the auditions cause he like the really bad singers… he fades once the show really begins…

  7. I knew I would get grief for that!! Actually, it is a really addictive show. Not sure if you like country or not, but I think the best singer produced by the show so far is Carrie Underwood…..not bad on the eyes, either!

  8. There is only two kinds of music, IMHO, country and western…. yeah, I know thats an old one… Nashville Star gets my interest (not much really) compared to Idol… That one gal on Nashville Star right now (Angela Hackett??) sure can sing…

  9. Personally, I watch mostly Discovery Channel, History Channel, and TLC. “Mythbusters”, “Future Weapons” and the like are my favorites. Of course, the wife watches Lifetime (ugh).

  10. Mythbusters is one of Sean’s favorites… He TIVOs everyone of them and watched like 6 last night.

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