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Weekly Lifestream 2011-03-27

Picking up Savannah after school awards. She cleaned up. Great view from school patio # well now… looks like I have the next 10 days off work – woot! # Two days with my new Audi A6 and convinced I made the right decision. Love the old Mercedes but this Audi makes for a […]

My New Audi A6

I recently decided it was time for a new car. I have been driving my current vehicle, a Mercedes E350 for 5 years now. I have put 120,000 miles on the car and it has been an absolutely wonderful car. Suzanne’s car is getting long in the tooth too and I really don’t want to […]

Weekly Lifestream 2011-03-20

will have to post some images of the new car tomorrow. The ride home through the mountain pass was a blast. Loving this Audi A6! # Oh oh. Just getting ready to sign papers on new car. Audi A6. Sweet! Suzanne upgrading to my old Mercedes. # is it time to buy new car? been […]

Weekly Lifestream 2011-03-13

Jackie Chan or Pat Morita? Normally, would go with Chan, but in Karate Kid, gotta give the nod to Morita. # oh great. bunch of whackos here in S. Arizona want to form a new state Baja Arizona. give me a break. they can leave any time! # guess spring is over. We had our […]

Weekly Lifestream 2011-03-06

Savannah heading to the State Geography Bee! Just found out tonight that she qualified as one of top 50 in the state! We are lucky parents! # oh man. Not enough doors in this house to close to separate me from that American Idol crap the girls are watching! And it's NCIS night! # and […]