Perfect Prime Rib

Since I posted my Christmas Menu, I had gotten a few requests for my Prime Rib recipe. Its an old family recipe that quite honestly isnt anything special, except that it turns out perfect Prime Rib every time.

The first thing I need you to do is trust me on this one. This is going to seem unbelievable to you and you will have doubts. But, it does work. In fact, the following recipe works for any size Prime Rib (standing rib roast). I have used this recipe for Prime Rib for 2 people and for 20 people. It will work for any number of ribs. The directions are identical no matter the size of the Prime Rib.

This recipe needs to be started 4 hours before you want to eat. Preheat the oven to 375. Cook the Prime Rib for 1 hour and then turn off the oven. This is IMPORTANT! Do not open the oven. Leave it closed with the Prime Rib in it. 45 minutes before you want to eat, turn the oven back on at 325. After the 45 minutes, remove, slice and serve. The Prime Rib will be medium to medium rare. Before cooking you can season or rub the beef anyway that you desire.

I dont know how this works, but it does. I have cooked at least two dozen prime ribs and everyone has been perfect.

Well, thats it! Enjoy the Prime Rib! As its our traditional Christmas Eve meal, I do the initial hour cooking before leaving for Christmas mass and then have the oven auto turn back on so that the Prime Rib is done about the time we return from mass. I leave just enough time to prepare the rest of the meal. It couldnt be any easier.

Oh, and I am back from Cloudcroft, NM. It was a very nice trip. I will post the trip details very soon.


  1. Hmm, sounds good. I’m going to have to pass this along to the wife…

  2. We used the same recipe for Christmas Day and it was wonderful….Doesn’t get much better than medium rare prime rib.

  3. Now this is one I have to try! During this last 4th of July, I did my first brisket on the BBQ. Awesome. Sounds like something that I can do! Thanks, Papa!

  4. Enjoy… it really is that easy and comes out perfect!

    Mr Papa

  5. do you have to wrap it or put on a lid?

  6. Nope, just stick it in a roasting pan and let her go…

    Mr Papa

  7. Bernard,

    did you ever try this bad boy out?

  8. No, I think my wife is waiting for Easter for this one. But I am getting the hunger for some good meat!

  9. John Kelly says

    Well I didn’t believe it but you were right. The Prime Rib was done as you said. Thanks

  10. Hey John! Glad it worked out nicely. I still dont really understand it, but it works like magic and if you have an electronic control oven, you can set it and forget it and have it ready when you want.

  11. I have one question. When you reset the oven to 325 do you start timing when the temp reaches 325 or start timing immediatly.

  12. Mike, start the time countdown immediately from turning the oven temperature to 325… Let us know how you enjoyed it…

  13. hey mr. papa, check this out.,1727,129182-252195,00.html

    I’m curious, how would yours compare to that link’s? The guy swears it’s “perfect”

  14. I don’t understand why would you want to cook your prime rib at such a high temperature… what a waste.
    Next time try cooking it at 250. Or at least do some research on the net and you will know the optimum temperature is from 200 to 250. 375 is way too high.

  15. One word – taste… Better tasting than any others I have cooked and/or eaten including at “fine dining” establishments.

    But, I must admit I haven’t tried cooking any myself at those low temps (no telling how others prepared theirs) and may have to give it a try. In fact, I am considering smoking one real soon just to see what that does.

  16. I did this just as you said for Christmas this year, and it was absolutely perfect. You are a genius. thank you. I just bookmarked the recipe yesterday so I would not forget to get Prime Rib when I need to really have the meal be impressive, easy and flawless!

  17. Thanks Sandi! We did the same thing at Christmas. It has become a family tradition.

  18. Do you let the roast get to room temperature first? Or is it right out of the fridge cold? I’m going to try this for Easter!

  19. I normally let it sit out 30 mins before putting in the oven. But, I have taken it directly out of the fridge into the oven and it still came out perfectly!

    Sounds good for Easter!

  20. I made the prime rib today for Thanksgiving and it was fantastic. I was shocked on how perfect it turned out. Our prime rib was large(12 lbs) and it worked awesome. Everyone was skeptical on how the results were going to turn out and it was perfect! I will defiantly use this way of cooking from now on.
    I didn’t even stick the thermometer in the meat! Not once!!!
    Thanks for the information!

  21. Julie, glad it went well for you! This recipe has never let me down! Thanks for sharing!

  22. I did your method with a six pound prime rib I got from a local natural meat farm. It was excellent! I think I might extend the heated cooking time a bit, it was extremely rare – thankfully most of a guests love that.

  23. I’m going to cook a roast today for mothers day. After the one hour cooking time, how long should it sit in the oven before you restart cooking at 325 ?

  24. total cooking time is 4 hours. so, 1 hour at 375, resting with oven off for 2 hours and 15 minutes, and then cooking at 325 for 45 minutes.


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