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Weekly Lifestream 2011-07-31

hmmm… odd 2 hours tonight. planning a vacation for April 2013!!! yup, wife a planning freak! # hmmm… odd 2 hours tonight. planning a vacation for # Is it 2012 yet? so tired of this experiment and #change time for #obama to step aside #

Weekly Lifestream 2011-07-24

Sean is back in school. Football practice starts monday. he is excited about another season as am I. # glad to be home for weekend after business travel this weekend. more trips ahead in the future. # Heading home. Yeah! # Fish and chips on the beach. # I 'guess' the view improved a […]

Weekly Lifestream 2011-07-10

damn! only 2 days left of vacation. enjoyed hell out of this week. Geeked on computer open source project. Wish could make living doing this # Source Code. just watched the movie. actually an enjoyable watch. surprised me. # Last tweet, if you didn't know was a dust storm rolling to Phoenix area this evening […]

Weekly Lifestream 2011-07-03

Is it wrong that I really, really enjoyed watching Battle: Los Angeles tonight?? # well, looks like #qwest finally got the internet service back up. of course, no call as promised…. # @TalkToQwest second day of outage. Not just me. They had estimated back up an hour ago but.missed it. in reply to TalkToQwest # […]