Weekly Lifestream 2011-07-24

  • Sean is back in school. Football practice starts monday. he is excited about another season as am I. #
  • glad to be home for weekend after business travel this weekend. more trips ahead in the future. #
  • Heading home. Yeah! #
  • Fish and chips on the beach. lockerz.com/s/122092438 #
  • I 'guess' the view improved a bit with.the sunset. lockerz.com/s/122090341 #
  • These kind of dinner views really suck. lockerz.com/s/122077224 #
  • Better in Florida that is. #
  • Hard to imagine but the weather is much more bearable than Minnesota was. Still too humid though. #
  • Whoops fixed link to the pasta. lockerz.com/s/121543694 #
  • Italian dinner. Penned ariabiatta lockerz.com/s /121528751 #
  • And this humidity is tough too. 92 and humid. Take AZ 110th and no humidity over this any day. Be worse tomorrow when head to Florida. #
  • Wow. Minneapolis traffic really sucks. Not rush hour yet and heading 'right' direction. Couldn't live like this every day. #
  • Love when you get to end of runway and pilot abort for warning light. Luckily back at gate mechanic fixed in 10 minutes. Heading back. #
  • suzanne and the kids return tomorrow after being gone for 18 days. Been a great vacation for me, but time for rejoining… #

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