Alaska Cruise – Travel to Vancouver

We are off on our Alaska Cruise on the Celebrity Mercury. Well, actually, we are on our way to Vancouver for a Friday departure on the Mercury.

As usual, the air travel day did not go well or as planned. Luckily, there were no major incidents. Just the usual airlines inability to make schedules.

We started Thursday heading for the Tucson airport about 10:00 am. Our flight had a planned departure of about 1:00 pm. Upon arriving, we were informed of thunderstorms in the Dallas area that would push our departure back an hour. After finally boarding the plane, we got informed of another 30 minute hold for traffic due to the storms.

We had a 90 minute layover in Dallas, so it was going to be cutting it close, but likely all flights out of Dallas were also delayed. Our flight in Dallas had a 6:00 pm boarding time and 6:45 departure time. We got to the gate and they were still showing it on time. However, they soon changed it for a 30 minute delay because the aircraft wasn’t there yet. When the aircraft did arrive, they posted another hour delay in order to fix some seats that were having issues.

We did finally depart for Vancouver about 1 hour and 45 minutes late. The trip to Vancouver, and the trip to Dallas for that matter, were both uneventful. We arrived smoothly into Vancouver airport and by the time we got our luggage, cleared customs and took a shuttle to the airport, it was 11:30 pm. Since we knew we were getting in late, planned about 9:00, we had made plans to stay a hotel near the airport.

After a late night glass of wine, we headed off to bed, ready to start the cruise the next day. We were anxious to meet my mother, sister and aunt who arrived earlier, but it was too late and they were on East Coast time and long asleep. Plans had already been made for an early breakfast before heading to the cruise ship in the morning.

Tomorrow is Bon Voyage onboard the Mercury.

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