Barcelona and Transatlantic Cruise 2008 – Day 7 – Malaga, Spain

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Today was our first port of call on our 2008 transatlantic cruise. The port was Malaga, Spain, the birthplace of famed painter Picasso. The ship docked about 7:00 am, but due to our late bedtime the night before, we didn’t rise from our slumber until about 11:00 am.

It was a bit cold and windy outside and the primary point of interest for us, a Moorish castle, was closed on Monday, our day of call. So, we decided to forego going ashore and spend the day on the boat instead.

We grabbed a quick lunch of hamburgers and fries and folks pretty much went their own way. Sean and Savannah spent most of the day in the Fun Factory playing video games and board games with the counselors. There are only six kids on the cruise and only one is near their age.

I spent some time walking around the ship and enjoying the scenic Spanish countryside. I also spent a bit of time online catching up on stuff I have been missing while gone thus far. Suzanne hooked up with some of her Cruise Critic friends and enjoyed an afternoon of gab. In the late afternoon, Sean and I enjoyed an hour or so of Table Tennis. So it was quite a nice, leisurely, enjoyable day for us.

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Right before our dinner service, was family karaoke night. Normally on a cruise a lot of the kids and their parents get together for karaoke. Tonight, it was just Suzanne, Savannah and Sean singing.

I am going to sound like a broken record, but we enjoyed another fabulous dinner. It was Escargot night, so Suzanne and the kids enjoyed the foul 😉 appetizer. It’s one of the kid’s favorite dishes on the cruise. Sean also couldn’t resist another shrimp cocktail – he plans to have one each night.

For the main course, the kids and I had a young roasted chicken while Suzanne opted for the crab and crawfish stuffed flounder. The chicken was very delicious and quite good. Suzanne said the fish was very good but could have been a bit hotter. Our waiter seemed a bit overloaded last night and running behind.

Our sommelier was also hopping and at one point was seen caring about a dozen bottles of wine. However, we have learned the secret of ordering wine on a cruise to ensure you are not waiting for the wine into the dinner service. Towards the end of the dinner service we actually order our wine for the next night. Then, it’s already sitting at the table waiting for us when we arrive for dinner. The maitre de even brings us the next night’s menu to use in ordering wine for the next night. It’s a very effective system. We always get in good with the sommelier too and enjoy good wine chats with him.

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After dinner, it was off to the first karaoke night. Of course, we had to attend. It was actually quite a fun night. Suzanne sat off with her Cruise Critic friends and the kids and I sat at a perfect table front and center. There were a couple of good singers and the few just having fun. Suzanne sang three songs: Girl in 14G, I Dreamed a Dream and Memory. She received many cheers and congratulations from the well attended event. I think they have one or two more karaoke sessions and then the Celebrity Idol competition Starring You. During the karaoke sessions folks in attendance can vote for singers to be included in the competition. Suzanne is hoping to get chosen. Last cruise, she finished second due to a poor song choice (Bohemian Rhapsody) for the crowd.

After the karaoke competition, which finished up about 12:30 am, we somehow hooked up again with our new found English friends Roy and Jenny and moved to the Champagne Bar for a night cap. A couple of the professional entertainers and the cruise director were there again and a night cap turned into several. We finally headed up to bed at about 2:30 AM. The kids were with us the whole time and loved staying up late with the adults. They have been very well behaved. Roy has really enjoyed talking history with Sean too.

With tomorrow another sea day, we will likely be sleeping in late again.


  1. Your cruise seems to be going by very fast. I can imagine that it is flying for all of you.

  2. of course… these cruises always seem to go by fast… today is our last port of call before the crossing…

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