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Yes, we are on our way to San Diego for our annual Thanksgiving cruise, but that doesnt mean I cant post – aint technology great?

I have been helping a guy over at Doddemagen get his site up and running and noticed some interesting posts about strange little quizzes such as “What color of Blue are you?”.  Well, I just had to check this out because how can I be anything but blueberry blue? :w00t:

What I found over at Blog Things was a whole slew of this quirky little tests.  They define themselves (Blog Things) as

A Blogthing is a quiz, meme, or toy you can put in your blog or journal.

Hmmm…  not sure what that means exactly, but I proceeded to take a few of the tests and before I knew it, I had been there half an hour and taken a couple of dozens quizzes.  Here are some examples:

  • Which President are you? (Hmmm… I was George W Bush)
  • What is your Rock Band name?
  • How boyish or girlish are you?
  • What kind of cookie are you?
  • What movie is your Christmas most like?
  • What is your love number?

The list goes on and on. Some are more interesting than others, but its a good way to kill 20 minutes.  They will even generate code for you to past the results into your blog or website.  Head on over to Blog Things and check em out.


  1. I’m the guy over at DoddemaGen and the blog quizzes were basically the only thing that got users to do their own blogs. Pretty funny stuff!

    Enjoy your trip, Mr Papa! :silly:

  2. hey Bernard! thanks for stopping by! your site is coming along nicely… cya in couple weeks…

    Mr Papa

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