Caribbean Cruise 2010 – Day 10 – Day at Sea

Yesterday was a day at sea and the last day of the cruise as our Caribbean Cruise 2010 winds down. Tomorrow morning we will be docking in Port Everglades (Fort Lauderdale) and the cruise will be over. This has been a fabulous cruise and has provided much needed rest and relaxation. The ship, the ports, the staff, etc have all been great. We continue to love sailing Celebrity.

This was another day at a sea, but it was not a lonely day at sea. We must have been on the Caribbean highway as we saw no less than 20 other cruise ships either heading to or returning from the Caribbean. I cannot remember any other cruise where I have seen so many ships transiting an area. Sure, we have had ports with four or five other ships, but seeing this many cruise ships on a sea day was something new.

We spent this day reminiscing about the cruise and even a bit of thinking about the next cruise. We did catch a couple of hot glass shows. I even managed to win one of the raffles and I won a nice paperweight. As corny as it might sound, the hot glass show is a must see feature on the Solstice class ships.

We also managed to meet up with Marcel, our assistant maitre‘d for a coffee in the afternoon and catch up with each other’s lives. Marcel has been our assistant maitre‘d on four or five cruises now. We also got back to the Cellar Masters Lounge for one last glass of wine with our favorite cellar master Sinisa, who we have sailed with for 3 or 4 cruises now.

Dinner was a time to say goodbye to new friends and exchange some contact information. Only time will tell if we will hook up with any of them in the future. To date, we have maintained contact with some, but have not yet hooked up for a cruise with anyone. For the last dinner of the cruise, Suzanne had Escargot, Beef Consommé, a mixed green salad and a Turkey Picatta and pasta dish. I had a cream of baked potato soup and a Cajun rubbed Ribeye Steak – very good! With the dinner, we enjoyed a great bottle of Barolo wine – one of our Italian favorites.

After dinner, we retired to the cabin to finish packing and get our bags out in the hallway for the morning disembarkation. We do have an early morning time, 7:55 am, as we have an early flight, about 11:00, out of Fort Lauderdale back home. While we certainly miss the kids, it would really be good if we could just go around again.

In the next day or two, I hope to get a wrap post together and get some pictures uploaded.

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