Cruise Talk Central Getting Noticed

As some of you know, Suzanne and I also run a cruise blog over at Cruise Talk Central. At that site, we blog about our cruise travels and have information available for other cruisers researching cruising. We have photos, videos and reviews of the cruises and excursions that we have done. We also list the latest cruise industry news.

Well, recently, Cruise Talk Central has been getting some notice. We are able to generate a small monthly revenue, but more important, folks have been stopping by and engaging in discussions with us. Also, the cruise industry is taking notice of our little site. We have received email from Royal Caribbean about some links and information. One of the executive chefs at Celebrity Cruises visits the site and is a subscriber.

Yesterday, Holland America debuted their Eurodam News Blog. The ms Eurodam is their newest cruise ship that is currently undergoing construction. The exciting part is that on every page, in their cruise links sidebar, they have a direct link to Cruise Talk Central. They have about 30 links, but one of them is to us.

Anyways, Suzanne and I still have plans to grow what we do at Cruise Talk Central. We have a bunch more reviews and videos that we plan to upload, but have gotten a bit sidetracked with the Summer and our travels and activities. With the kids starting back to school on Thursday, we should be able to devote some more time to the site.

Anyways, if you haven’t visited Cruise Talk Central, please do so and let us know what you think.


  1. That is great! You should engage the cruise lines with an offer to highlight one of their cruises by comp’ing you a trip in return for a feature article about that trip. That woud be pretty slick of something like that ever materialized for you!

  2. Just a bit more info, but it does appear that on the contact page of the eurodam news blog, you can ask to have your blog added to the list… we did not request that… they found us on their own 😀

    I do like your idea 😉

  3. If you need anyone to go on free cruises just let me know!!

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