Destructo Dog Demolishes Door Frame

While we were enjoying the excitement and fun of Bandera, Texas, our dogsitter called us to let us know that our beloved Sue Ellen, the wonder mutt, had gone a little nuts while we were gone and managed to shred the door frame in our bathroom that served as her kennel. The dog sitter had been coming over and letting her out in the fenced yard and then putting her back the the bathroom for the nights. I think she must have just gone nuts from loneliness and decided that she had to get out the bathroom and look for us. I was glad the sitter had called but it really didn’t perpare me for the amount of damage that our little sweetie had done. Here are some pictures taken right when we got home.



The worst parts was that after I had begun repairs by replacing the wood, but had not yet caulked or painted, she shredded several of the replacement pieces too. The next day I went off to Walmart to buy her a permanent kennel cage. I hate to do that to the dog, but if I can’t leave her for a few hours with out things being destroyed, I have no other choice. She’s not thrilled with her new kennel, but she does go in there on command with out too much hesitation. To say thank you for her new kennel, she has already shredded her bed which she had for three years. I guess she didn’t need all that comfort in the kennel. Here she is in her new kennel before she shredded the bed.


Next time we go out of town, she’s going to a boarding kennel.


  1. Ouch! That is some pretty gnarly damage! I have to say that Sue Ellen looks pretty proud of herself, though.

  2. She certainly did! With the amount of damage, actually surprised she didn’t hurt herself…

  3. Poor, lonely Sue Ellen. The things we put up with for our beloved pets.

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