Detroit Lions Win First Game of the Season

How ’bout them Lions? They didn’t look too shabby in their opening game of the season winning it over the Oakland Raiders 36 – 21. Yes, it was the Oakland Raiders and they did have the worst record in the NFL last year, but it was definitely a step in the right direction for the Lions.

The offense looked pretty potent at times and like the same old Lions at others. For a rookie in his first game, Calvin Johnson looked impressive. I expect very good things from him. I thought Martz called a pretty good game until the fourth quarter where he went back into his conservative shell and almost let the game get away. Kitna did a nice job managing the game.

The defense looked about as expected. The defensive secondary is definitely a weak point and was exploited though they did not give up the big play. Dewayne White came up big with a strip and in interception late in the fourth quarter to help seal the game.

If the Lions are to contend for the NFC North (been a fan too long to at least not hope for that) this year, they will have to improve. Minnesota is up next week and that should be a better test than the Raiders this past week.

The start of the NFL season has also got me working on a new website. I am going to develop a Detroit Lions fansite with a blog, a forum and other to be revealed later content. I have been helping a friend with his NHL fan site (actually, he’s doing all the heavy lifting, I am just critiquing and putting in my 2 cents) and it to has me desiring to do another site. I wish I would have started it six months ago and been delivering content leading during the pre-season, but oh well, I will jump in midseason. Watch this site for upcoming details on the new Detroit Lions fan site to be launched in the next month or so.

Go Lions!


  1. Uncle Chuck went back to Michigan for his class reunion and did a tour of old places and memories there. Said he saw the complex that houses the Tigers and Lions. Said it was fantastic. The best stadiums he has ever seen. Also had a great time at the reunion.

  2. I remember when Joe Louis (Red Wings arena) was brand new… heck, I even remember going to games at Olympia… must be getting old

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