Diet Update

This new NutriSystem diet should be interesting. After unpacking all the stuff yesterday, we had some good laughs. And then begain to wonder what I was letting Suzanne get me into. Most everything is vacuum packed in some sort of package. It makes you wonder when you have a chicken breast, uncooked, that gets shipped in a box. The scrambled eggs and cheese in the little bowl had the kids pretty much rolling on the ground in laughter.

I must admit for four or five weeks of food, there was quite a variety. One shouldnt get too tired of anyting as long as the taste is okay. There are cookies and muffins and other stuff I havent really eaten in years. Throw in the pasta and rice, and well, maybe this will work 🙂

I have to add back in more fruits too which will be just fine. What I will probably miss the most is the “hunk of meat” on my plate. Hopefully, the variety of meat/casserole combinations will offset that. We need to pick up a few things from the store this weekend to supplement the prepared food like whole grain rolls and fruits, so we will officially start on Monday morning. Suzanne, though, couldnt wait and has already eaten two of her snack packs. I guess she will have to go without a couple of days later during the program.

Everyone will probably get tired of me updating my blog here with the diet as I go along, but hopefully it gives me some release and will help keep me focused on the real goal here.

Think we are going to go out for dinner tonight and have some Mexican food for our “Last Supper”.


  1. Bless you guys for trying. If it works, maybe I will too. I have thought about it.

  2. Well, who knows, but gotta try… Will keep you up to date with all the gory (or glorious) details…

    Mr Papa

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