Even Better Deal on the Mercedes

Despite my previous post on how well the Mercedes Benz buying experience went, it wasnt all pleasant. A day or two before purchasing, I had sent my Brother-in-Law Tim an email asking him if he, as a Daimler Chrysler employee, could get me an employee discount on the Mercedes. I had asked the same question a couple of years ago when I bought my previous car and was considering the Mercedes Benz. The answer was no, only on Chrysler cars. So, I expected the same answer this time. Before I got a reply from Tim, I had gone out and purchased the Mercedes E350.

When we returned home the night of buying the car, there was an email from Tim stating that it was my lucky day. The policy had just recently changed and he could now get me an employee discount on a Mercedes. Lucky day? It didnt feel like it right then since it appeared my impatience may have cost me significant savings.

Today, we took the Mercedes to the dealer for the free window tinting I had negotiated as part of the deal. I asked about the employee purchase deal and provided them with a control number Tim had provided me. When it all went through, they simply had me resign some paperwork and I now had an employee purchase deal. They didnt even hesitate to give me the better deal despite having a signed agreement from a couple of day ago. We walked out of the dealership with a new contract for about another $4K in savings. Thanks Tim!

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