Everybody’s Famous For 15 Minutes (or more) on YawpBox

I had a goofy friend in college who thought Andy Warhol was the most visionary artist ever. My friends even cried the day he died. Maybe my friend was just as visionary, because Warhol’s famous saying that everyone is famous for 15 minutes seems more true today than ever. That saying reflected Warhol’s ability to see the beauty and art in common objects like soup cans and bananas. The website YawpBox provides a forum for users to create and display their own entertainment content. Members can post their own stories under a wide range of topics ranging from things like “Have you ever had a mullet” to “Tell us about the day your life went wrong”.

National Radio show hosts Lex and Terry also have challenges for viewers to either create original content or post others content. Challenges include things like “have you ever made headlines?” or “the best tattoo”. Lex and Terry will also be filming a YawpBox TV show that will include the user submitted content, videos and stories. They utilize their national radio show to give out their “home work” assignments to listener/members. They film the show before a live audience in Dallas, Texas. It will be different from other viewer content based show like “America’s Funniest Home Videos” in that the content will all come from member of the YawpBox social networking web site. Lex and Terry will add their quick wit and humor in the form of commentary on the videos and YawpBox members will have opportunities to appear in studio with Lex and Terry. It should be fun to see a TV Magazine show about ordinary people and not just the rich and famous.

My favorite video under “The day your life went wrong” shows a deer that has fallen through broken ice and and the helicopter rescue. They didn’t pull the deer from the water, but instead, once the deer got on a bit sturdier ices, used the helicopter to blow the deer across the ice to the shore.
It is pretty amazing footage.

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