Everyone Back Home

Well, everyone is back home and our first vacation of the Summer is complete. I picked up Suzanne and the kids last night at the airport. They had stayed in Dallas for about 8 days after our Alaska Cruise in order to spend some time with her family.

With all the rough weather in Dallas the last week, I think it rained on them 7 of the 8 days. Par for the course, their flight was delayed over an hour last night, not getting in until about 11:15. By the time we gathered up the luggage and drove back home it was almost 12:30 before we got home. After a little wind down time and some reacquainting time with the dog, and it was 1:00 am when we rolled into bed.

Today, time was spent unpacking and get things back organized. We managed to get in some game time with Carcassonne and even watched some of our Alaska cruise video. Unfortunately, Suzanne left her camcorder power cables and in Dallas so we could only watch until the batteries gave out. I think we recorded 7 or 8 tapes on the cruise. Suzanne will condense that down to about 1 hour of watchable video on a DVD. Hopefully, it won’t be too long until we get some pictures of the cruise uploaded here at Mr Papa’s World.

Back to work tomorrow for me again. With Wednesday being the Fourth of July, I get that day off. This is the every once in a while bad year for the Fourth of July. If the holiday falls on Mon, Tues, Thurs or Fri, I get two days off. When its on a Wednesday, we get just the one day off.

In about two weeks, we head off on our second vacation of the Summer as we head to Anaheim, California for the Showstopper National Dance Competition. We are still unsure if we will do much other than the dance competition. Maybe we will check out Universal Studios. Last time we did that circuit in California, I enjoyed that much more than Disney Land.

I may also need to take a business trip to Hawaii in the next month – rough trip… 😉


  1. I’m sure it is a rough life having to take a business trip to Hawaii. Do you need anyone to go with you?

  2. It’s only a good trip if you can add time to the beginning or end for personal time… Takes a day to fly there, one day for a meeting, and then fly back another day… actually, kind of a rough trip… 😉

  3. We loved having Suzanne, Sean and Savannah here for a few days–great time! We missed seeing you, Steve.

    Good Luck on the California Showstoppers venture!



  4. Would have liked to have been there, but with the cruise right before and Showstopper right after, just can’t take that much vacation…

    They all tell me it was a good time and that they enjoyed the company!

  5. Hawaii? Hawaii?!??!?! On business?!?!?!?!?!? ARGHHHHHH!!!!!!

  6. looks like it, but better plans have fallen apart…

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