Halo 3 Released Today

Today is the long awaited release date of Halo 3 for the Xbox 360. Sean and I have been waiting for this game for some time now. We have spent many, many hours playing Halo 1 and Halo 2 on both the Xbox and Xbox 360. They are good enough that we keep going back and playing again. Early reviews of Halo 3 have been glowing. The game will shatter all historical marks for first day sales.

Halo 3 is the first version (and last since the trilogy ends) designed specifically for the Xbox 360. The screenshots and videos that I have seen look pretty stunning. Since its a fantasy world to begin with, the game designer use very vivid colors compared to the more muted earth tones in other shooters like Call of Duty or Ghost Recon.

We actually won’t pick up our copy until tonight while Sean is at football practice. We are certain to crack the seal on the game and boot it up tonight. We will probably run through a little cooperative play together tonight.

I will try to post some first impressions here in the next day or two. I had planned to upgrade a bunch of my sites to the latest WordPress release (which came out yesterday) tonight, but Halo 3 had slipped my mind, so the upgrades will have to wait. This will also seriously cut into my World of Warcraft time for the next few weeks.

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