Happy New Years!

Happy New Year to everyone! We rang in the New Year last night in our traditional fashion. Leading up to the momentous moment, we did family karaoke before settling in to watch Dick Clark ring in the new year. Or least the kids and I watched Dick Clark. Suzanne, as usual, fell asleep at 11:45 and refused to wake up. The kids and I stayed up until about 12:30 before we retired for the night.

Family karaoke was fun. As usual Mr Papa didn’t sing and just manned the DJ equipment. Savannah nicknamed me DJMP last night. To change it up a bit, I turned it into a contest between the three singers. Scoring wasn’t based on pure singing quality because Suzanne would just win that hands down. Instead, I judged on effort, quality and comparison to expected or normal performance quality.

There was nine rounds of songs plus a tenth bonus round worth double points where the contestants had to not only sing, but get in costume and put on a whole performance. When the dust settled, and I could hear again, Suzanne and Sean ended up tied for first place with Savannah a close third. Sean almost pulled an upset in the bonus round when he sang ‘Putting on the Ritz”, complete with his Halloween monster costume. It was a very strong finish for him and pulled him into the tie. Savannah had actually been leading going into the bonus round, but I didn’t understand her show and she lost some points.

Today, we finally got around to playing our last new board game Scotland Yard. The game is a definite keeper as we had a lot of fun playing it. All players team up against another play and try to locate his whereabouts in old London. In our first game, Sean was “Mister X”. Despite twice making mistakes (didn’t follow the rules) that allowed him to escape capture, the detectives were finally able to corner and capture him as time was running out to secure victory. The game has a lot of strategy in it, but yet is still simple enough for the kids to play. I suspect it will get a bunch of play time from us.

I need to decide fairly quickly when I am going to go back to work. it will either be tomorrow or not until Monday. Its a tougher decision than one would think. I have been on vacation for 3 1/2 weeks now, so work is surely piling up. Having a three day work week the first week back is also attractive as a way to ease back into work. However, the kids are still off this week, so we can get some more family game time in. Right now, I am leaning towards staying home, but could very easily change my mind when I wake up in the morning.

Anyways, Happy New Years and best wishes to all for 2008!

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