Summer is in full swing here in the desert of Arizona. Tucson has consistently been over 100 degrees. Today is forecast for 106 and tomorrow for 107. They are saying we (Tucson) may hit 110 this weekend. Luckily, living in Sonoita, we are a good 10 degrees cooler. Plus, we usually have a breeze blowing in Sonoita which helps cool it down a bit. If you think Tucson is bad, be glad you arent in Phoenix which can be 10 degrees hotter than Tucson.

Suzanne finally turned the air conditioner on this past weekend on Sunday. The temp in the house hit 90 primarily due to it being a totally calm day. With no breeze, the house began to cook inside. Before this weekend, I dont think the house heated up to more than 80 degrees. Again, it’s a benefit of living in Sonoita, as most of Tucson has had their A/C on since mid May. It will probably just stay on until mid September.

Like a typical desert, though, it still cools down every night. Our temperature gets into the 60’s every night. When the sun begins to set, the temperature drops. We can enjoy almost every night on our patio watching the sunset over the mountains.

With the family reunion coming up in a week and a half at our place, the family will get to experience the middle of a desert summer. It’s also about the time when the humidity will begin to creep up to monsoon levels. Most of the summer, its a dry heat which makes it much more enjoyable than the summers I have lived in Michigan or Dallas and visited Florida.

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