High School Registration and Catalina Trip

Last week we got Sean registered for his High School classes. Since he completed Algebra in 8th grade, he’ll be able to take both Honors Biology and Honors Geometry. He also was interested in the Honors History because it involves more discussion in class rather than memorization of a time line. He also singed up for Honors English and regular Spanish 1. It will be a lot of home work for him, especially when you figure he is going to be playing football and it is at least a 40 minute drive to and from school. All the work is computer based and done on a school issued notebook computer, so he should be able to get quite a bit of work done while commuting to and from school either in the car or on the bus.

Football camp starts on June 1st. The school holds a 3 day camp for incoming freshmen and middle schoolers. This will be a way for him to get started with the team. After camp, the school offers a chance to them to do weight training and conditioning in order for them to get ready for the fall season. He’s looking forward to participating in a more serious format than than what was offered through the recreational leagues.

Next week is his big 8th grade trip to Marine Biology camp at Catalina island. They’ll stay 5 days at a camp where they will enjoy things like kayaking, hiking, snorkeling, and marine biology lessons. They have been raising money for the trip for 3 years. Most of the 8th grade class is going and I know they are all really excited. When they get back from the trip they have just two days of school and then 8th grade graduation. It should be exciting for all.


  1. What a busy schedule ahead for Sean!! Catalina Island trip, graduation and football camp!

    I know it will be great fun.

  2. How proud we all are of Sean. He certainly is becoming a well-rounded young man. Wishing him only the best.

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