I Need to Clone Myself

Does anybody remember the 1996 Michael Keaton/Andie McDowell movie “Multiplicity” where the main character has spread himself so thin that he decides to clone himself so he can get everything done that he needs to around his house, work, and life in general. I am starting to feel that way myself.

I knew that Savannah and I would need to quit dance when Sean started high school because the school is 45 minutes in one direction and the dance studio 45 minutes in the other direction. It is just not practical to continue because I can’t be in two places at the same time. However, even before school has started I am already having conflicts between important commitments.

This Thursday I have my first conflict. Savannah and I will have to miss dance class because Sean has Honors Class Information night for freshmen. There is just no way I can be at the two places at the same time. The first week of June we have dress rehearsals for the recital at the same time Sean has football camp. If they were in the same town we could some how make it work, but when the two events are 90 minutes apart, it kind of puts me in a bind. I normally don’t have a very big part in the recitals, but I am going to play Mary Poppins in the recital, so I have to be a part of all the Mary Poppins numbers.

I am going to try to work something out, by finding a ride for Sean, but I still think the best solution would be to clone myself for a few weeks.


  1. Can we make modifications to the clone?? ๐Ÿ˜‰ ๐Ÿ˜†

  2. WOW! You are SO busy and in two different directions!

    But, I am sure you can work this all out.

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