I Survived A Japanese Game Show

Oh man, what a laugh fest! As I have mentioned many times, I don’t get involved in too many reality shows, but I heard about one debuting on TV tonight that sounded so outrageous that I just had to check it out tonight.

The show is called I Survived A Japanese Game Show. The premise is that they got these contestants to sign up for some sort of reality show. They didn’t really know what they were signing up for (must have been some contract) but they immediately flew them to Japan.

To the contestants surprise, they became contestants on a Japanese game show. Now, the Japanese are known for they wild and crazy game shows. The contestants do all sorts of nutty and very funny stuff. The host, the sets, the crowd are all way over the top. Obviously, they contestants are all shocked by this.

Tonight was the first episode and I can easily say that Suzanne, Sean and myself laughed out loud for a large portion of time. You really have to see the show to get a feel for what I am talking about. The Japanese studio audience gets a huge kick out of the American contestants too.

It was a fun first night premiere for the reality show / game show. If they can keep up the hilarity and energy, they might just have a winner for the Summer season. I suggest you give the show a checkout on Tuesdays nights.

Of course, it’s up against Hell’s Kitchen, so you will need a DVR. But, of course, the conclusion of Hell’s Kitchen is next week, so no worries. OMG, it seems I am watching more and more reality shows. Noooooo….


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