Lions Win One

Well, its been a long NFL season already for me and I havent done much posting about it. That ‘s cause my team, the Detroit Lions, are off to another very poor start. Today, they finally managed to win one and take their record to 2 – 6.

I am an avid fan of the NFL and have subscribed to NFL Sunday Ticket since its inception. Sunday afternoon is meant for watching football. Its been a rough stretch of years for us Detroit Lions fans. Okay, a rough stretch of decades. I have been a fan of the Lions my entire life. One thing about being a Lions fan, folks cant call you a fair weather fan.

My second favorite team is whoever is playing the Dallas Cowboys. This, even though I did a stint of 12 years in Dallas. You cant grow up hating the Cowboys and then move to Dallas and start loving em. One thing is for sure, that town has a whole bunch of fair weather fans. I guess that comes from the old days of high winning expectations. My third favorite team growing up would have been the Steelers. In those days, it wasnt possible to like the Steelers and the Cowboys.

Anyways, Detroit came away with a convincing win today against Atlanata (6 – 2) even though they tried a couple of times to let the Falcons back in the game. The defense played big considering the number of injuries they have. The game was very enjoyable to watch. Maybe this can catapult the Lions to a winning streak.

Even thought their record sucks, they haven t been that far away, with 4 of their losses by less than 6 points. They have been only been blown out once this season by the Chicago Bears, who until today, were unbeaten. They are definitely starting to resemble to resemble a team. Hopefully, they can build on this season and be competitive next year.

Oh, and without rubbing salt in an open wound of my in-laws in Dallas, it was very enjoyable to watch the conclusion of the Redskins – Cowboys game. The Skins were trying a game winning field goal with the game tied and only 31 seconds remaining. The attempt was from 49 yards but sailed wide right. The Cowboys quickly moved the ball down the field and were attempting a 35 yard field goal with 6 seconds left. The Redskins blocked the field goal and Sean Taylor picked up the ball and returned the ball into Cowboys territory with wild, tackle busting run. The game wasnt over though, as the Cowboys were flagged for a facemask penalty. Since the game cannot end on a defensive penalty, fifteen yards were added to the end of the run and the Redskins were given one play to run with 0:00 on the clock. This time the Redskins kicker Novak was successful from 47 yards as he just slid it inside the goalpost for the victory. Wow!!! What a finish to a game. :beer:

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