Monsoon Approaches

Monsoon is definitely approaching here in Sonoita, AZ. Yesterday, the tell tale ominiously dark clouds began surrounding us as the afternoon fell away. There were some wonderful displays of lightning as dusk fell. I need to take some pictures and post a few of those storms moving in because it is quite fascinating to watch. We love to sit out on the back porch and watch the light shows. That is, until it gets to close and we move inside. Unfortunately, last night, we didnt get a drop of rain. We could see it all around us, but we stayed dry.
Tonight, the same scene played out as the storms moved in. This time, however, we got plenty wet. Some more wonderful light shows and heavy, heavy rain. There were even some 40 mph wind gusts. Yup, typical monsoon evening. Technically, its not monsoon season yet, since we havent had three consecuvtive days of dew point over 50 (I think).

I hope my family gets to see a storm or two while they are here next week for the family reunion. They can be fun to watch approach.

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