New Computer

Or at least I hope to have a new computer soon. My computer has been slowly failing and exhibiting various hardware difficulties. I have been slowly losing sectors on the hard disk. Last week, lost the master boot record and had all sorts of issues even getting it to come back up. When I finally did get it working again, pretty much nothing worked on the system except for access to my data, which is good though I had a recent backup.

So I broke down and ordered a new computer. I was trying to limp through to the beginning of the year before getting a new one (its been 3 1/2 years since I bought the computer). I really need to update all four desktops in the house.

I did some research, decided what I wanted and order my new computer. Since I was stuck using Suzanne’s computer (she has the laptop with her on vacation) which was not configured for the work I do, I had to spend some time doing that. Also, her computer is actually worse than my computer was as far as performance. So, I put a rush on the computer build and had it overnighted.

That was Friday and I still don’t have my new computer. Unfortunately, since I ordered it on a Friday, I knew it wouldn’t ship until Monday which it did via FedEx, another unfortunate issue. FedEx offers a shipping method where the shipper requires a direct signature witnessed by the driver for a package. The computer company used this shipping method. FedEx doesn’t allow a signature on file, like UPS and others, for this method. So, of course, the drive dutifully shows up every day to make the delivery but no one is home since I am at work and Suzanne is on the road.

What is most aggravating is FedEx leaves this stupid note telling me that since I wasn’t home I could pick up my package at the station. Nice, but they say I can pick it up between 4:25 and 4:30 pm at their station. WTF???? Nice customer service and support there. 🙄

Its also very problematic since their station is 90 minutes from where I work. That would be a hell of a trick to arrange to get there in that absurdly small window early in the afternoon. They do have a couple of hours on Saturday that I can pick it up. But, I have been trying to get them to hold the shipment because after three delivery attempts they return it to the shipper. So far, the hold request hasn’t worked. Today will be delivery attempt three if the try to bring it out again. Hopefully, the second hold request will work.

Of course, some of this is exacerbated by us living out in the country, but its SO much easier when a shipper uses UPS rather than FedEx. They certainly have more friendly customer support options when things get difficult.

So much for the extra money I spent to get my computer here sooner… Oh, and I have ordered Suzanne a new computer too since it has been a very frustrating week yelling at a computer monitor waiting for the computer to do something – anything!


  1. What a nightmare on the shipping!
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