New Puppy Update

Stormy is turning out to be a great dog. She is already house broken, getting along well with the older dog, and learing to be comfortable around all kinds of people. She is going on long walks every day, which tire her out, but she loves to stride right along SueEllen. She also likes to be clean and has been doing all of her business outside. She is even starting to let us know when she needs to go outside. She still needs to learn to sleep in as she is still waking up Savannah at 5:30 every morning. The only “problem” is that she hasn’t grown since we got her. She is still weighing in at 21lbs. We are hoping that she’ll grow so that she can hold her own against SueEllen. She is supposed to be a Labrador mixed with lots of different dogs, but if she doesn’t grow I’m going to say that either she is a miniature Labrador or a perhaps instead of Lab, a long legged Dachshund. In any case, she is a sweetie.

The other big news about her is that she made her first trip to the Dog Park on Friday. We took her over to the large dog area where she really seemed to feel right at home among Bulldogs, friendly Pit Bulls, Golden Retrievers, and lots of mixed breeds. She had a lot of fun and we expect that she will enjoy many other happy times there around lots of other dogs. She also got the chance be around some preschool age children when we were waiting for Sean to finish football. She was a little scared of them, but we suspect that as she gathers more self confidence that she’ll be comfortable around all kinds of people. We’ve also got to get her used to visitors to the house. She was terrified of the Schwanns Man and the Exterminator, and both of them are dog lovers, so she’ll need to get used to visitors too. She is learning to come when we call her. Around the house she is also gaining in self confidence. For the first ten days she generally wanted to be outside our in the office, now she feels comfortable just about any where.

The best part is that she and the other dog are really working things out. It looks like they will be really good pack mates.


  1. Sounds as if Stormy is fitting right in!

    We look forward to meeting her in December

  2. Good for Stormy. She has so much to learn, but it sounds like she is doing just fine. It also sounds like SueEllen is enjoying the company.

  3. SueEllen definitely sleeps good at night! by the end of the day, she is worn out!

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