No Time For Halo 3

Argh, what a week, with the Halo 3 release, to get busy. Last night, I couldn’t find the time to give the single player campaign of Halo 3 a run. I did manage to find about 30 minutes to play some more coop with Sean.

A couple of months ago, we bought a new HDTV. Earlier this week, we sold the old HDTV. Last night, I helped the guy who bought it locally move over to his house and set it up. Being an old, rear projection CRT, it’s a heavy beast weighing a couple hundred pounds. It took everything the two of us had to lift it into his pickup truck. It wasn’t any better at his place when we had to carry it down stairs to where he wanted to put. All together it took us an hour and a half to move it and dashed my hopes for some single player campaign time.

Also, last night, I had to make 4 cakes for a fund raiser our church is doing this weekend. I made a very delicious looking Banana Butterfinger cake. I didn’t taste it, but it looked very good. Hopefully, the church can sell them for a nice little chunk of change. Again, it seriously cut into my Halo 3 time last night.

Tonight, I have to pick up the kids from football and cheerleading practice as Suzanne has rehearsal for her benefit show this weekend. Given the 30 minute drive to the town where they practice, it will be another 60 – 90 minutes of lost Halo 3 time.

This weekend, the football game is in Willcox. That’s another 90 minute drive each way, plus we will go out to Apple Annie’s and pick our pumpkins for Halloween, so not much time for Halo 3 on Saturday.

Sunday is football day. I will definitely watch my Lions, but may have to trade off on the other games for some Halo 3 time.

I don’t mind at all doing these things, I just wish I had been able to do a better job of clearing my calendar for some Halo 3 time. Oh well, the game isn’t going anywhere, I will get to play it soon.


  1. So much to do. So little time. Can’t wait to retire and then I’ll really have time for everything. Ha, Ha.

  2. You can retire any time that you want…

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